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Category Archives: stand up paddleboards

Your Guide to SUP Fishing in the UK this Summer

SUP Fishing | iROCKER Paddle Board

You’ve caught a whole bunch of waves with your stand up paddle board all summer, right? Now it’s time to catch dinner! Just think about how many fish you’ll catch when a big boat is moving in their direction. No engine noises on your part means more fish on your line. If you and your […]

Why We Think iSUP is Better than Those Other Sports

iSUP is Best for all | iROCKER Paddle Board

It boggles our brains when we hear anyone debating whether iSUP is the best water exercise out there. Of course it is! Yes, we’re joking, but only a bit. Please hear us out. iSUP has grown in global popularity, and the fact is it’s quickly becoming a staple activity on the water. At iROCKER, we […]