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The Best Places in the Country for Standup Paddleboarding

Anyone who has any interest in outdoor watersports has probably given standup paddleboard a try at one point or another. When you think about what you can do on an inflatable standup paddleboard and the possibilities that these boards open you up to, it is life changing to say the least. These boards can give […]

What Exactly is iSUP?

Understanding what iSUP is all about starts with having an understanding of what a paddle board is. You have seen hundreds of people on paddle boards before, but maybe you have never really been able to give it a chance on your own. When you can stand up, gain your balance, and begin to paddle […]

5 Uses for Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

When you hop on an inflatable stand up paddleboard you are going to really experience the water in a whole new way. An inflatable stand up paddleboard can be brought pretty much everywhere. Whether you are traveling and you want to check it with your luggage or you want to throw it in your trunk […]