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SUP Summer Time Fun, Out in the Sun

iRocker Stand up paddle board UK

The long winter wait is over and summer is finally here! Did you ever think the rain and cold were going to end? I’m pretty sure this was our longest winter ever. Stand up paddle boarders are dying to dive onto a SUP board again. Less time on the water these past several months meant […]

Do You Know the History of SUP?

iRocker Stand up paddle board UK

Have you ever wondered how stand up paddle boarding became a thing? There are different theories, of course. Many people attribute SUP to ancient Africans, Mayans and American Indians. These early cultures used wooden boards and paddles to search for fish and transport possessions along waterways. However, 1939 is the year stand up paddle boarding […]

iROCKER SUP Makes Travel a Breeze

iRocker Cruiser paddle boards U.K.

Did you ever pass on an awesome stand up paddle board trip because of the hassles of carrying it or getting it on an airplane? You’re not alone. The difficulty of traveling by plane with a stand up paddle board is a thing of the past, thanks to the iROCKER inflatable SUP. Going on holiday […]

My iROCKER SUP, the Most Memorable Day EVER


I venture out on my iROCKER stand up paddle board practically every day. Even when the weather is bad, it won’t keep me away unless it’s ridiculously rough and cold. I can’t think of an “obligation” that can keep me off the water, either. Not work, or a sniffle or a car problem. I know […]

No-stress SUP Thanks to iROCKER

iRocker Youth Paddle Board U.K.

My favorite thing to do in the world is to grab my iROCKER, hit the water, and escape from the stress of work life. There’s no texting, no chit chat, no nonsense. I give myself an hour of nature, my SUP board, and me. I haven’t always felt this way about SUP. The first time […]

How to Get Beach Body Ready with iROCKER SUP Yoga

sup for pet and yoga

I don’t know about you, but I’m chuffed spring is finally in the air. It’s the perfect time to start amping up the workouts to get your summer beach body back. No worries if you don’t know where to start. Here are some amazing iROCKER SUP workouts that are fun and effective for sculpting. You’ll […]


paddle boarding workout

iRocker SUP is more than a paddle board, it’s your floating gym. Not only are the views and relaxation associated with stand up paddle boarding incomparable, there are some crazy good health benefits that’re undeniably better than anything you’ll get in the gym. Although the gym can a great spot for muscle building and cramming […]


paddle board uk

We Got The List of Items You Will Need To Take To Have Fun and Stay Warm It doesn’t matter if you’re catching waves this summer or exploring a beautiful lake in the middle of the winter, SUPing in any season is the beauty of the sport! One thing’s for sure, without the right SUP […]

Best Gear for Cold Weather Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Best Gear for Cold Weather Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Whether you are catching waves under the summer sun or exploring a frigid lake in the middle of the winter, SUPing in any season is the beauty of the sport! But one thing’s for sure, if you don’t have the right SUP gear, your winter SUP sesh is going to be miserable. Staying warm on […]

iRocker vs. The Competition

We have some tough competition, but there’s a reason we’ve won the award as one of the best inflatable SUPs of 2016. It all comes down to how iRockers are built, how they ride, how long they last and what our customers have to say. People consistently choose iRocker over our hard board and inflatable […]