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iSUP Tripping around the UK

iRocker Premium Back Pack Carry Bag

Holidays have their joys and their pitfalls. If you’re traveling, lugging along your sport equipment can turn a fun holiday a bit of a hassle. Even a wee duffel is some trouble at airport security. Try dragging your paddle board, gear bag, cell, laptop and everything else you need for your trip, and all of […]

Why We Think iSUP is Better than Those Other Sports

It boggles our brains when we hear anyone debating whether iSUP is the best water exercise out there. Of course it is! Yes, we’re joking, but only a bit. Please hear us out. iSUP has grown in global popularity, and the fact is it’s quickly becoming a staple activity on the water. At iROCKER, we […]

Gear Up for Ideal iSUP

We know you’ve caught the stand up paddle boarding bug and we’re stoked about that. And now that you have the same affliction we have, getting out on the water is going to be a daily necessity. Welcome to our world! So take it from us, a surefire way to mess up an otherwise perfect […]

Studying on an iROCKER is Brilliant

It’s a great weather day, sunny and warm, and you’re stuck in the library. What are you thinking? There’s a better way to study. You guessed it: iSUP study. Can you relate? This is what you need to do. Get your iROCKER SUP and learn to study while SUP-ing. Brilliant, right? This is is not […]

Creating Family Memories with iSup Fun

Let’s face it, there are many things you don’t want to do with your family, like shopping or standing in a really long queue anywhere or commuting on a crowded train. But you’ve decided to plan a day at the water with the kids and now you need ideas to guarantee fun. If you’re like […]

Why Your Mate Will Love Date Night on Your iROCKERSUP

Brits are a lucky bunch because here in the UK, we have so many awesome options for SUP. It doesn’t even take much planning. Good weather day? Great SUP day! We have rivers, canals, lowland waterways and the ocean to choose from. The only real issue (if it’s even an issue) is a spot of […]

Choosing the Perfectly Sized SUP Paddle

young-man-irocker-stand-up-paddle-long-paddle Young man on iROCKER using long paddle We are here to teach you the best trick when it comes to SUP. The right sized board and paddle can change your SUP experience. If you ask around for advice you will hear a million different answers. There are a million ways to size up your […]

3 Ways to Treat Yourself Right after a Rockin’ SUP Workout

treat-yourself-right-after-rockin-stand-up-paddle-board-workout girl-celebrating-irocker-stand-up-paddle-board Girl celebrating on an iROCKER Stand Up Paddle Board We’ve been talking upt beach body workouts to get ready for summer. How’s your progress? Over at iROCKER, our entire team is working double-time on beach body prep. We’re eating right, sleeping right and doubling up on our daily SUP outings. We go out […]

Stand Up Paddle Q&A

Beginner-stand-up-paddle-boarders-having-fun-irocker-boards Stand up paddle boarders having fun on iROCKER boards Trying something new…It’s intimidating. It always hard to speak up and ask question, to help us learn. Sometimes you don’t even need to be new to the sport, not knowing is tough and can feel like the end of the world. Take a deep breathe […]