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Your 2019 Ultimate Paddle Board Gift Guide

Paddle Board Gift Guide | iROCKER SUP

Who wouldn’t simply adore a paddle board for their special day? Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations — every day — are made better with a gleaming new paddle board. So if you’re thinking of giving someone you love (or treating yourself) to a new paddle board, dig into this 2019 ultimate paddle board guide for our fave pics on the SUP scene.

The Most Popular Boards to Give as a Gift

Ok, ok, we may be a little biased when it comes to the best boards on the market. But one thing’s for sure — iRocker is certainly the top selling paddle board in the world for a reason. Between contemporary BLACKFIN SUPs and multi-use iRocker boards, there’s a 100% chance you’ll find the right board for your bud.

For the mate who’s a serious athlete: The BLACKFIN Model V is about to be their new best friend. Its streamlined design, triple-layer PVC composite and 20% lighter weight makes it an ideal SUP for surfing, racing and more. Pick this board for a person with prior experience on a SUP (or a comparable sport).

For the mate with kiddos: Say hello to the iRocker All-Around. If you’re purchasing a gift for your spouse or someone with a family, then this is the board to buy. The easy-to-maneuver design is equipped for two adults and one child to ride at once. This is perfect for families with kiddos and pets.

For the mate who likes to keep things low key: The iRocker Cruiser is all things namaste with its comfortable traction pad and just-right buoyancy. This is the ultimate paddle board for novice SUPers, advanced paddlers and everyone in between.

iRocker All Around
iRocker Cruiser | Paddle Board Gift Guide

Top SUP Gear going into 2020

Top-of-the-line accessories and technology elevate the SUP experience like no other. The demand for SUP add-ons has surged in recent years, and it’s our job to stay ahead of the trends. Here are some of our favorites:
Cooler Deck Bag: Fill this baby up with water, pints or Pinot. (we vote for the second two!) A cooler deck bag is man’s best friend during long hours on the water. Your mate can easily strap it to the nose of their paddle board for easy access.
Electric SUP Pump: Every minute you spend inflating your SUP is time not spent on the water. This electric pump helps you get on that paddle board in no time (with no manual labor in the process). The iRocker 12V pump fully inflates your board to the desired PSI in 10-to-15 minutes. Unlike the basic hand pump that comes with a SUP, this pump keeps your muscles ready for your paddle sesh.
SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit: We’re not surprised at all that this gear package has some of the most five-star reviews on the iRocker website. If your friend already has a paddle board, SUP kayaking is their obvious next step. All iRocker boards easily convert into a fully functioning kayak within minutes.

Stay Safe while You SUP with these Key Tips

While SUPing is generally a high reward, low risk activity, there are a few safety measures to follow before hitting the open water. The proper gear and precautions will keep you and your friends safe during a long paddle sesh.

SUP Guide | iROCKER Paddle Board
  1. Check the forecast first. The swell, wind and tides will greatly impact the experience and outcome of your SUP outing. If you’re a novice paddler, it’s a good idea to avoid the water when there are strong winds or currents. Choppy waters and rough currents are dangerous and difficult for inexperienced SUPers.
  2. Put your padded iRocker SUP leash to use. Always, always attach your board to your ankle with a leash. This simple step could quite literally the difference between life and death. Your leash keeps you tied to your board (aka your only floating device on the open water) no matter what.
  3. Never SUP alone. For starters, it’s much safer to hit the water with a partner. But, it’s also way more fun. Fill the deck cooler with cold drinks, head out in a group and stay safe while having fun in your local swimming hole.

Perfect SUP Gifts for the Guy or Gal who has it All

This is a tough one. When someone already seems to own all things paddle boarding, it’s nearly impossible to find an awesome gift for this friend. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas up our sleeve.

SUP Gift | Paddle Board Gift Guide

For the mate who’s into good tunes or great footage: Sounds like you have a fun friend. We have no doubt they’ll love this versatile, simple-to-use dual action mount for their SUP sessions. This long-lasting mount is built to support fishing rods, waterproof speakers and action cameras.
For pretty much anyone who likes to paddle board: The iRocker premium carry strap is the answer. It doesn’t matter how strong your friend is, carrying a paddle board (even lightweight inflatable boards) can be daunting after awhile. This extra-padded wide strap will save their shoulders, no matter the board weight.

iRocker is Your Go-to Source for all things Paddle Boarding

It’s been the iRocker crew’s goal from the start to be the one-stop-shop for every SUPer. It’s not always easy to find something amazing and unique for the SUP enthusiast in your life, but the iRocker shop is guaranteed to have a board or an accessory they’ll love.
Between modern, streamlined paddle board designs and top-quality SUP gear, there’s something for everyone at iRocker. For some inspiration, take a look at our Instagram and Facebook page or, if you’re looking for more insight, send us your questions using the fields below.

SUP Gift Guide | iROCKER Paddle Board

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