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Your Guide to SUP Fishing in the UK this Summer

SUP Fishing | iROCKER Paddle Board

You’ve caught a whole bunch of waves with your stand up paddle board all summer, right? Now it’s time to catch dinner! Just think about how many fish you’ll catch when a big boat is moving in their direction. No engine noises on your part means more fish on your line. If you and your mates want to mix things up, SUP fishing is the best hobby you’ve never heard of.
No fishing experience? Fear not. The iRocker team is here with your go-to guide on how, where and when to cast your first line. If you’re a pro fisherman on a boat but need some help converting your skills to a SUP, we’ll cover that, too.


The Gear You Need to Fish Like a Pro

Chat up anyone with fishing experience and they’ll tell you that catching a big one requires skill and the right tools. You likely won’t catch anything without the right bait and a little knowledge of the area. Whether you work with live bait or lures, it’s important to load your line with the specific food the wish in your area wants to eat.
After you find the perfect bait and dig your pole out of the closet, it’s time to dress your paddle board with some must-have gear. Don’t get us wrong, it’s possible to SUP fish without anything but a pole and a hook. But barebones is the hard way to go. Like other sports, SUP fishing is a whole lot better when you invest in the gear you need.

Think about it. Where will you store the fish you catch? What about the live bait? Just like on a boat, a cooler is your answer. The iRocker Cooler Deck Bag is the perfect answer to solve this problem. It easily straps to your iRocker and is large enough to store your catch and some drinks.
When it comes to a rod holder, you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it out. If you head out with more than one fishing pole or just want to give your arms a break, a rod holder makes all the difference.
Every fishing accessory in our online store easily attaches to all iRocker and BLACKFIN boards. We build all of our gear and boards to make the most of your time on the water. From the easy-to-use travel bag to the impressive levels of buoyancy, iRocker sets you up for a summer of SUPing.

SUP Fishing | BLACKFIN Paddle Board

SUP Fishing in Saltwater vs. Freshwater

The water you’re in influences every aspect of your fishing experience. Freshwater, brackish and saltwater all require different strategies to get that trophy fish on the line. Before you launch your board this summer, do your homework on the fish in your local waterway.
There are a few things you should know if you launch your board in one of the UK’s saltwater fishing spots. To start, it’s smart to get to know the tidal currents in your area. The direction of the current doesn’t always correlate with the tides, especially in inlets and channels. Marine charts are a great tool in any fisherman’s arsenal.
Freshwater fishing requires a different strategy. Just like marine charts for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing can be tracked by the moon, sun and weather patterns. Freshwater fish move and eat differently in bright sunshine versus a rainy evening. Because of these distinct behavioral differences, it’s crucial to research the impact of weather on sea life.
Chat with some experts at your local sporting goods store and scroll through the fishing columns online. Simple research like this saves incredible amounts of money and time. Fishing can be a low-cost hobby with the right tools and information.
Lots of smart people around the UK have come up with clever ways to optimize your SUP while fishing. A smaller vessel doesn’t have to mean fewer catches! Simple tricks can give one tool multiple purposes.

Control Your SUP to Catch some Fish

How you operate your paddle board without fishing gear is a whole lot less complicated. When you have a paddle, pole and a tackle box, balance and control are key.
Control your paddle: Make a loop on each end of a three-foot rope and tie it around your waist. Lace one loop through the other so the paddle rests from your waist onto the board. Repeatedly picking up and placing down your paddle can tire you out faster than anything else.
Control your board: Wrap an eight-foot rope around your midsection and latch the other end to your paddle board. This is a simple way to keep your board near while you wade through the water.

Share some SUP Fishing Love

Summer SUP Fishing

You need a lot of gear to make the most of SUP fishing, but we hope you save some room for your camera. Send us a shot of your trophy catch so we can share with the iRocker community. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for a look at some other fun ways to use your paddle board. While we can promise you’ll never get enough of regular SUPing, activities like SUP kayaking, aqua yoga and surfing are a great way to spend your day.
If you want to know more or have some SUP fishing tips to share, we want to hear from you. Use the fields below to contact us.

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