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10 Fun Things to Try this Summer on Your Paddle Board

Paddle Boarding Adventures | iROCKER SUP

Summer shouldn’t be spent behind a computer screen! Venture outside for these 10 fun things to try this summer on your paddle board. They’re guaranteed to get your juices flowing.

1. Practice Your Golf Game from Your Paddle Board

Who knew you could play a round of golf in your local swimming hole? Us, that’s who! Before you get ahead of yourself, it’s important to grab the right gear. Here’s what you need for a day on the course (eh, we mean a day on the water).

  • Anchor to build a floating green
  • Piece of artificial turf
  • PVC pipes to support the floating green
  • Floating golf balls (foam or plastic)

Mastering your aqua-golf game takes a little skill and a whole lot of patience. Find a secluded area on the water that’s away from buildings, people and other water vessels. Practice your short distance swings with a 9-iron or wedge for an experience that really hones your skills. Make the most of your golf outing with the All-Around or the Model V.

2. Ride the Whitewater for the Rush You Crave

Barreling down the rapids isn’t a sport reserved for rafting! Strap on your helmet and PFD for a paddle boarding adventure unlike any other. Unfortunately, many paddle boards can’t withstand the turmoil of sharp rocks and aggressive currents. Thanks to iRocker’s military-grade materials, every model is ready to take on the challenge.

3. Star Gaze from Your SUP Deck

Pack a cooler full of cold ones, grab your significant other and head to the water when the sun sets. The extra comfortable crocodile-textured trackpads on every iRocker board make them the perfect escape for an evening under the stars. What can we say, we’re just romantics.
Practice extreme caution when you SUP at night. Don’t paddle into the water without a flashlight and an emergency flare gun in hand.

4. Your Paddle Boards are Perfect for Family Time

Pile the whole family onto two or three large paddle boards like this one for an all day adventure. Make the most of this sacred time together and put your cooler deck bag to use. Pack some cold brews for the adults and some yummy snacks for the kiddos.
When your paddle boards are this buoyant and easy to maneuver, your family will beg for more days out on the water. Bring along the waterproof camera and snorkeling equipment for an underwater family photo shoot.

5. Sign Yourself (and Your SUP) UP for a Kayak Race

Yep, you heard us right. That brand new iRocker of yours converts to a fully functioning kayak within minutes. We truly care about our customers, so we want every pound you spend to go as far as possible.
Thanks to the kayak kit, your paddle board becomes a competition-capable kayak in the blink of an eye. Not many paddle boards on the market can do that! Head to some nearby rapids, the sea or your local pond for an immersive kayaking experience.

6. Keep the Horizon Clean with some Help from Your SUP

More than 5.25 trillion pieces of rubbish cover the surface of our waterways these days. We said trillion with a “t”. Numbers that alarming force every citizen of the UK to band together for change. Grab some pals and head to your local swimming hole for a day spent serving Mother Nature.
A big bonus of using your SUP for rubbish clean up is its ability to reach even the shallowest spots. Cruise on your SUP and collect debris while you relax on the water.

7. Hit the Bars from Your Paddle Board

No one likes a drunk driver. Protect yourself and other drivers and just paddle board to the bars instead! Launch your board near one of these bustling sand bars to give the phrase “booze cruise” a whole new meaning.

8. Catch some Fish from Your SUP Deck

Paddle board fishing is a totally new trend that’s easier and more affordable than alternative techniques. Some of the best fishing destinations around the UK are shallow and unreachable by most boats. That’s where your paddle board comes in.
Stability and functionality are crucial when it comes to SUP fishing. BLACKFIN’s multi-use action mount acts as a rod holder, phone mount and more.

9. Strike a Pose from your Paddle Board

Nothing is more peaceful than being out on the open water. Well, except for being out on the water practicing yoga. Drop into Shavasana or kick it up a few notches with a headstand. You choose your flow when you practice yoga on the open water.
Not sure where to begin? Our extensive community of yoga-practicing SUPers have helped us create some helpful guides to get you started.

10. Paddle into a Summer Outdoor Concert Series

Paddle up to one of the UK’s notorious waterfront venues to soak in every note of a summer concert. Whether you choose a full-day festival or a classical concerto, arriving by paddle boards is the best way to do it.

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Invest in the Gear to Try the 10 Fun Things to Try this Summer on Your Paddle Board

Even a full work week should be offset with ample amounts of relaxation. Whether you spend your weekdays in front of a computer or watching over of the little ones, the weekends are made for SUPing and these 10 fun things to try this summer on your paddle board.
Head to your nearby lake, river or sea to try these 10 unique adventures. Have a favorite? Take a photo and tag us on Instagram! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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