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Tips to Paddle Board like a Pro this Summer

Believe it or not, it is possible to go from paddle board rookie to practically a pro with a bit of work and determination. Once you master the basics, the next step is to challenge yourself with advanced skills like SUP yoga and paddle surfing. Read on for iRocker’s guide on how you can paddle board like a pro all summer long.

Master the Basics to Develop Real SUP Skills

Thousands of articles all over Instagram and Facebook might try to tempt you to dive head-first into the fancy SUP moves. Before you get ahead of yourself, it’s important to get real about establishing a strong SUP foundation.
The first step is to find a paddle board that’s right for you and then learning how use it.
Balance is the most important skill to develop first. Cross-training can take you far with balance. Yoga, squats, Pilates and lunges are awesome ways to sharpen your balance and core strength at the same time.
Paddle skills come next. It’s much more than slicing your adjustable fiberglass paddle through the water. Between the length of the paddle and your SUP technique, it all starts with pairing your body with the perfect paddle.
Find the right length paddle by standing the paddle upright while the blade rests on the floor. Reach your hand above your head until you can grab the handle. The correct paddle length lets you easily grasp the top of the paddle without straining your wrist.
Nest, the pop-up Practice popping up from steady ground, like a plot of grass or the shore. Since popping up is one of the most important aspects of paddle boarding, you want to get this down.
Remember! Remove the fins from the bottom of your board so they don’t crack from the weight of your body against the hard ground.
To practice popping up, first lie on your belly on your board and bend one knee at a time to reach a crouching position. With your hands and feet planted on the board, lift yourself into an upright position.
Once you stand up, adjust your stance for optimal balance. Place your feet in the center of the board, hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees to better maneuver your paddle board through the water.

Paddle Board Guide | iROCKER

SUP Surfing is a True Test of SUP Skills

Want to have a go at SUP surfing? Good for you! It’s easy to convert your SUP into a surfboard to really challenge your balance and paddle skills.
Before you brave the waves, give your skills a run for their money behind choppy boat wakes and within windy conditions. We don’t mean to fool you, SUP surfing is tough. It takes hours and hours of practice, and then you’ll still make mistakes.
If paddle surfing is your plan, any expert will recommend that you first find the right board. A SUP built for touring will do nothing but make your experience more challenging.
The BLACKFIN Model X boasts the right combo of elements for a perfect day surfing Europe’s coastline. The perfect size merges with just the right amount of buoyancy and maneuvering capability.

BLACKFIN Paddle Board

If it’s your first time SUP surfing, we recommend you head out in an area free of swimmers and possible hazards. Wade into the water until you’re waist-deep before you get onto your iRocker. Situate yourself onto your knees while you paddle out through the whitewash.
Time to get to work and catch your first wave. Paddle surfing can be easier than traditional surfing but is much more of a challenge initially. Give yourself enough time to turn your board toward shore when you scout out a wave.
Once you paddle toward the shore and feel the momentum of the wave, maneuver yourself with your paddle into the tighest part of the swell.

Aqua Yoga Merges Relaxation and Core Strengthening

Spend a peaceful day on the water with an aqua-yoga session. SUP yoga is one of the most popular fitness trends all around the UK. It blends the carefree zen of yoga with seriously core-challenging movements on the water.

Before you launch into a headstand on your paddle board, you should first master the fundamentals of this contemporary yoga practice. The first step is to purchase a paddle board that’s just right for yogees.

The optimal board combines width and length to create maximum buoyancy and surface space — that’s where the iRocker Cruiser comes in. At 10’6” long by 33” wide, this SUP supports your Kapotasana, Chaturanga and everything in between.

If you’re a novice in the practice of aqua-yoga, the best place to start is with the forward fold. Stand with your feet hip-width apart in the middle of your SUP with the paddle lying in between. Drop your chest toward your thighs while you maintain a slight bend in your knees. Let your head relax toward your toes and grasp onto each elbow with the opposite hand.

SUP Yoga | SUP Balancing Techniques
Paddle Board Like a Pro | iROCKER SUP
Orange SUP | Green SUP | iROCKER
SUP Balancing Techniques | iROCKER

Paddleboard like a Pro with Top-Quality Gear

The gear you use for your paddle board, yoga and surfing practice is just as important as the research you conduct.
Whether you’re a newbie getting started or you’ve been SUPing for years, the iRocker online shop is sure to have everything you need. Take a look at our variety of top-selling boards and must-have accessories.
Scroll through the iRocker Facebook and Instagram pages for SUP inspo to kick off your #SummerofSUP. Tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured on our social media with your new iRocker gear or send us your pics, vids and stories using the fields below.

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