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SUP into Summer Under a Full Moon

Full Moon Paddle Boarding | iROCKER SUP

Night paddle boarding is one of the favorite pastimes amongst the iRocker crew. With the right safety precautions and a great group of mates, exploring the water at night is both incredible and eerie. The hands-down greatest time to SUP at night is also the absolute best way to SUP into summer.

Unless you fancy astrology or weather patterns, there’s a good chance you aren’t following Europe’s full moon schedule. No worries there! We’ve got you covered with the summer full moon schedule.

Summer 2019 Full Moon Schedule in the UK

Summer Paddle Boarding | iROCKER SUP

Swap your top and trousers for a swimsuit on the nights of July 16, August 15 and September 14. Full moons rise to their peak anytime between dawn and dusk. Mark these three nights on your calendar for some guaranteed SUP fun under the full moon.

Lots of rumors and legends swirl around the full moon. From fairly unbelievable werewolf sightings to an uptick in baby births, the full moon has piqued the curiosity of people for centuries.

What does the iRocker team believe about the full moon? We believe a full moon creates the perfect atmosphere for a night of stand up paddle boarding!

Light Up the Night with Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories

An super fun and safe bet with any after-dark SUP session is to bring along some neon glow sticks. It’s always smart to bring torches at night, even if the full moon casts a bright glow on the water.


Neon lights are a fun way to make your party way more fun while bringing a little added safety to the mix.

Take it one step further with neon swimwear, glow-in-the-dark board leashes and a full moon Spotify playlist. A full moon can be scary or surreal, and colorful add-ons are the perfect way to remove any hint of worry if you’re a bit scared of the dark.

Relax and Recenter with Moonlit Meditation

Any devout yogee or astrologist will tell you there’s nothing more peaceful than reconnecting with Mother Nature on a full moon night. iRocker boards are created with military grade materials and ultra-soft crocodile-textured traction pads, making them the perfect and safe spot for nighttime meditation.

Meditation is typically done solo, but SUPing alone at night just isn’t an option. Grab a mate you can trust to enjoy the silence and soak in the relaxation of the full moon.

Embrace Werewolf Lore with the Help of a Furry Friend

Hang on the shore with your pup for awhile while the full moon rises into the night sky. Spend a little time with your best mate before hitting the water with your iRocker. Embrace the werewolf legends and quite literally howl at the moon with your four-legged friend. Crazy? Possibly. Fun? Absolutely.

Tip: Video that howl at the moon scene and share it with us!

Invite your pals along for this unusual way to enjoy a full moon night. Enjoy a couple drinks, have fun with the pups, then end the event with a calming group paddle sesh. Enlist your strongest and most patient friend to hang out with the dogs while the rest of you night SUP. (Someone has to do it, right?)

Plan the Perfect Date Night Under a Full Moon Sky

We’re no dating experts, but we can promise you’ll score some serious props if you plan a romantic evening on the water under a full moon. Your significant other will love the creativity and the romantic experience of cuddling under the starry sky.

Stock your iRocker cooler deck bag with some cold pints and chocolate covered strawberries for an over-the-top evening. The iRocker All-Around Board is the best board for a pair, hands down. The last thing you want to worry about is tipping into the water. (Actually, this could be the exciting twist your date night if you’re at the ready with a rescue plan!)

Embrace the Eeriness of SUPing on a Full Moon Night

If you’re lucky enough to live close to a body of water and own an iRocker stand up paddle board, then you’re lucky, indeed. Our favorite way to amp up the classic paddle boarding routine is to hit the water after the sun sets.

Head to your local swimming hole on July 16, August 15 and September 14 this summer for unforgettable full moon SUP experiences that’ll blow your mind.

Plenty of rumors surround a full moon and it’s just not possible to believe all of them. But there’s no denying that full moons affect the way the world feels every month. Whether you believe the lore or not, we don’t want you to miss an awesome opportunity to paddle board under the brightest night sky.

Planning a full moon SUP session with your pals? We want to hear about it! Share your photos and videos with us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media. And remember, we love pet SUP so extra props if you SUP with your pooch!

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