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Clean Up the Coastline From Your Paddle Board

iROCKER Paddle Board Community

What if we told you it’s possible to give back to your community and have fun while you’re doing it? The team at iRocker and our great clients travel all over the world to SUP in different waterways. Bodies of water around the globe have one thing in common — pollution. The views may be breathtaking and the water might be the perfect temperature, but nothing ruins a great day of SUPing like a floating mound of garbage.

When trash clean up became a viral conversation a few weeks ago, we hopped on board. The #TrashTag Challenge goes something like this — snap a photo of a really dirty part of your beach then take an ‘after’ picture highlighting your good work. We’re not big fans of bragging about good deeds, but we’ll make an exception for a great cause!

One Person Can Change the World

We’re not talking about your neighbor and we’re certainly not talking about a government official. We’re talking about you. You don’t need industrial machinery or a degree in environmentalism to make a difference in your town. It can be as simple as picking up a few plastic containers the next time you’re near the water.

Believe it or not, cleaning up your community doesn’t have to feel like an obligation. Put on your ankle strap and hit the water for the first step toward a fun community service project. Whether it’s the stream in your neighborhood or the vast North Sea, SUPing your way through giving back is the best way we know how.

Get the Gear that Makes Your Life Easy

The worst thing you can do is bring a plastic bag into the water to clean up the plastic from the water. It just doesn’t make sense. A great alternative is to invest in the iRocker Cooler Deck Bag. It easily straps to the front of your board, which makes it the perfect temporary trash receptacle.

When you’re ready to stock it with cold pints instead of dirty trash, simply rinse the interior lining with soap and water. Holds cold drinks and aids in beach cleanup? Win, win.

Another way to make clean up even more enjoyable is to equip your iSUP with the Kayak Conversion Kit. Sitting on your board makes reaching trash on the water’s surface a whole lot easier. Converting your iRocker into a kayak can be done in under five minutes. Check out our simple instructions and video demonstration here.

“I bought the kayak bundle for iROCKER with the thought that my wife might get out on the SUP with me once in a while. Once I got the kayak bundle it changed everything. The seat is extremely comfortable for her and mounts easily. The paddle transformation is simple and effective.”

– Duane M., Happy iRocker Customer

Take the #TrashTag Challenge to the Next Level With the #SUPCleanUp Movement

Be a part of something bigger. We value an awesome time on the water just like everyone else, but there’s a time to do a little more. While you can certainly join in on an ocean cleanup in some far off location, your backyard pond needs a little TLC, too. You don’t need expensive machinery or expert knowledge to make a difference in the UK.

An obvious reason to use a paddle board for coastline clean up is you can reach parts of the water too shallow for a boat or traditional kayak. Easily access trapped waste in shrubbery and rocks from the comfort of your board.

This is How the Challenge Got Started

#TrashTag began as a way to get teenagers off the couch and involved in something that makes a difference. It started as a clever plan to get millennials off the couch but now involves people of all ages. UK residents generate 222.9 million tonnes of waste every year with a large portion ending up in nearby waters. That’s where #TrashTag comes in.

Aquaholics in every country of the UK came together over the last few weeks to do something about the rubbish crisis. Here and here are perfect examples of humanity taking care of our planet (and sharing it for the world to see!)

Take a photo of the trash-filled coastline before you clean up and a picture of it all nice and tidy. Don’t forget to share your good work using the two hashtags — #TrashTag and #SUPCleanUp. Hey, you might even get featured on our Instagram!

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Join the iRocker Team in the #SUPCleanUp Movement

Paddleboarders from north of Scotland to city slickers in London can all be apart of the fun. Burn some calories, get a tan and pick up some trash in the process. Bring a few of your friends along for a conservation day followed by afternoon cocktails.

A successful cleanup project starts with the right paddle board. Take a look at the iRocker models and reach out to us with any questions.

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