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How to Buy a Paddle Board Perfect for Your Body Type

iROCKER SUP | Different Size Paddle Board

All of the size, shape and color options can make the paddle board shopping process a little confusing. Just like surfing, the most important thing to do is buy a board that fits your body type. Don’t panic! We’re here to help. With some expert guidance and the right paddle board, you’ll be a pro in no time.

The perfect board for you is based on your body, skill level and range of interests. Starter boards like the iRocker Cruiser check all the boxes for a beginner, while advanced Blackfin packages will take your SUP game to the next level.

Match Your Body Size to Your Board Measurements

Match Your Body Size to Your Board Measurement. Make your life a whole lot easier and purchase a board that can easily support your height and weight. Factors like buoyancy and balance depend on this perfect match. If you want to use your paddle board for advanced activities like surfing and racing, you should keep a few more factors in mind.

iSUP Information to Help With Your Purchase

SUP Boards as per your needs | iROCKER SUP


  • Understand your hull choices. Paddle boards either have a displacement hull or a planing hull. V-shaped displacement hulls swiftly cut through the water, which makes them perfect for advanced SUPers. Planing hulls are flat and wide, which makes them perfect for beginners learning to balance.
    Pro tip: displacement hulls are built for speed and planing hulls are great for stability. Since you’re a beginner, go for the planing hull.
  • Know the difference between solid and inflatable SUPs.We started making inflatable stand up paddle boards because we believe in their clear superiority. Although, solid SUPs do have their pros.
    If you want to use your board for competitive surfing or racing, a hard SUP is a good option. If you’re new to the sport or have little kiddos, an iSUP is the obvious choice. Inflatable boards are easier to transport and a whole lot more durable. Win, win. 
  • Board weight and volume capacity are key factors.This is hands down the most important purchasing criteria! Pay attention to board specs provided by the retailer. Take a look at the iRocker website for clear outlines of maximum capacities.

Get to Know Your Board’s Measurements

Our goal is to help you make a confident paddle board purchase. SUPs are a big investment, so it’s important to choose a board that meets your needs. There’s a perfect board for everyone, from little kids to heavier adults.

Length: Purchase a long board if balance and maneuverability are your goals. On the other hand, a short board is a great option for more advanced SUPers. Keep it simple with this straightforward tip: simply add nine-to-10 inches to your height to find the ideal board length. If you want to use the board to race, surf or stretch, you should factor in a couple of different measurements. Yoga requires a board between 10-to-13 feet with a soft deck pad. Racing boards should be long and narrow — between 12 and 14 feet. Surf SUPs should be between six-to-10 feet.

Width: Wide, long boards are perfect for families that might have multiple riders or taller and heavier SUPers. A great match for leisure paddle boarders is the iRocker All-Around board.

Weight Capacity: Don’t neglect the retailer’s recommendations on this one! If you need a board that supports larger amounts of weight, two great options are the iRocker 11’ x 32” All-Around board, which can support up to 435 pounds or the Blackfin Model XL, that holds up to 485 pounds.

Stability: Stability ratings are a great factor for beginners to consider. The higher the rating, the easier the board is to ride. Take a look at our Blackfin paddle boards for options with a 10/10 stability rating. It just doesn’t get better than that! Boards with lower stability ratings are for advanced SUPers interested in surfing or racing.

Finding Your Perfect Board is Easier than Ever

Our mission is to create different paddle boards that work for everyone. No matter your size or SUP goals, there’s an iRocker board built for you.

“After all of my research, I decided on an inflatable SUP and went with the iRocker All-Around 11’. We’ve had a great experience with it so far and everyone in our family has enjoyed using it. The size and stability of the board are perfect and our boys can use it at the same time or my wife and I can jump on it with one of them or use it alone.”
– Grace N., Google Review

Check out our board comparison chart to thoroughly understand your different iSUP options. Every board uses the strongest military-grade materials available and comes with an awesome two-year warranty. Do you know what that means? All fun, no stress. Reach out to us on live chat if you have any questions.

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