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4 Awesome Sandbars to Check Out from Your Paddle Board

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The best way to #SipandSUP your way around the world is by following the iRocker team’s list of hotspots. More specifically, these five awesome sandbars to check out from your paddle board.

Venture outside of the UK to the Caribbean or embrace your local hidden gems. Destinations all over the world might be calling your name, but some of our favorites (and soon to be yours, too) are right in your backyard.

4 Awesome Sandbars to Check Out from Your Paddle Board

The only way to reach this not-so-secret floating restaurant is by Puffin Water Taxi or an iRocker. The River Exe Cafe floats in the middle of Devon’s estuary and offers possibly the best views in the country.

River Exe Cafe is a self-proclaimed “gastro shed”, and for good reason. Trade your paddle board for a waterfront table and enjoy exclusively local, fresh food and cocktails. This hidden hotspot earns countless awards every year for its inventive cuisine and incomparable atmosphere.

Plan your trip to the Cafe accordingly for an ample amount of time in the estuary. Paddle alongside skilled sailors and take in the rolling hills along the coastline. It’s not every day you can have a waterfront gourmet meal with cows roaming the coastal villages. That’s just one of the many reasons the River Exe Cafe will quickly become one of your favorite UK gems.

SUP-to-Sandbar Stop Stop #2: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Everyone in the UK knows all about the famous bars throughout the British Virgin Islands. Perhaps the most famous spot is Jost Van Dyke. While it’s not an actual sandbar, it has earned its reputation as one of the world’s best beach party experiences and for that, it makes our list.

This isn’t an actual sand bar as much as a sandy strip of beach lined with fun bars. Yachts as far as the eye can see pull up here daily so their guests can swim up or, better yet, paddle in through clear blue water.

Join the crowd and SUP from your boat to the iconic little hut called Soggy Dollar Bar, famous for its handcrafted painkillers and its biggest fan, Kenny Chesney. Have a kip on a hammock strung up between swaying palm trees, or have a go at “corn hole.”

Since you’re all the way over in the BVI, why not cruise up to Peter Island to see the “new” Willy T floating bar? Again, not a sandbar but it is a must-see fun stop by boat and paddle board.
Tip: Willy T really rocks the nighttime beginning at sundown daily. Good thing you grabbed that kip over at Soggy Dollar!

The BVI does have a sandbar so gorgeous we almost hate to let the secret out. It’s Sandy Spit, where the now-famous Corona adverts were filmed. (Don’t tell anyone so you can enjoy this paradise all to yourself.)

SUP-to-Sandbar Stop Stop #3: Ristorante Matylda in Prague, Czech Republic

You probably don’t think about kicking back Caribbean style when you think about Prague, and you’re totally right. Unlike other tropical locales on this list, the Ristorante Matylda on the Vltava River boasts stunning views of the castle while serving well-dressed SUPers a white table cloth meal.

Not sounding like a spot to visit via paddle board? Not so fast. This ritzy floating bar, restaurant and hotel is the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the water. Explore the Vltava River then grab a table outdoors for the perfect nightcap to your busy day.

We’ll let you in on a secret. That cooler deck bag on the front of your iRocker doubles as a dry bag. Throw a nice swimsuit cover-up and a hairbrush into the bag for a quick fix before you enter the restaurant.

SUP Stop #4: St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

When someone combines two of our favorite things (tacos and SUPing, of course), we put that location on our list of top spots to visit. Lime Out is a floating taco bar about 60 yards off of Hansen Bay Beach.

This eco-friendly bar is totally calling your name. If the mere mention of tacos isn’t enough to excite you, their SUP deliver service will certainly do the job. If you want to hang back on your paddle board, kayak or boat, Lime Out will send one of its food runners to your vessel. Enjoy a few tacos and a fresh margarita all served in biodegradable containers. Oh, and that’s all while relaxing on your SUP. Life just doesn’t get better than that.

Best SUP | iROCKER Paddle Board

See the World in SUP Style

#SipandSup is the best way to spend your summer, thanks to travel-friendly paddle boards like iRocker and BLACKFIN. From the minute you launch your board to the second you step onto your sandbar of choice, you’re sure to have a few hours of downtime on the water.
Here are our tips for getting the most out of your sandbar SUP experience:

Cooler Deck Bag: You might as well pregame on your way to the beach bars! Stock your perfectly constructed cooler with a few pints and chips for the ride out.

SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit: Take a break from standing and convert your paddle board into a kayak. Invest in this functional, easy to use kit that quickly converts your iRocker into a fully operational kayak within minutes.
Going out on holiday this summer for some sandbar hopping? Smart! Snap some photos and tag iRocker on Instagram and Facebook. If you use the hashtag #SipandSUP, you might get a mention on our pages.

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