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Why Your Mate Will Love Date Night on Your iROCKERSUP

Brits are a lucky bunch because here in the UK, we have so many awesome options for SUP. It doesn’t even take much planning. Good weather day? Great SUP day!

We have rivers, canals, lowland waterways and the ocean to choose from. The only real issue (if it’s even an issue) is a spot of too much rain. But we’re used to getting wet so rain is no reason to miss out on SUP fun.

Now, let’s talk date night. Whether you’re single, married or “talking” with someone, SUP is a super-special date night surprise. You + Them + the Stars and Moon = the Perfect Date.

In this tech-centric world of cell phones, laptops and VR, nothing will make your sweetheart feel more special than a surprise moonlight SUP. So here are a few tips for gearing up for a date on your iROCKER. We guarantee no one will be looking at their phones!

Even if your mate has never tried SUP, just remember that stand up paddle boarding offers at least a zillion fun and healthy benefits, and most people pick it up easily. The idea here is a fun night out not mastery, so go with the flow to make sure you both have a grand time.

Plan Ahead

You don’t want your date showing up in work clothes, so let him or her know you’ll be doing something sporty and wet that requires swimwear or a wetsuit. You’ll take care of everything else.

If your mate isn’t the type to get excited about surprises, then you might want to let her in on what you have planned. Show her this link, where she can find answers to newbie questions and calm her nerves if she’s a little jittery.

Pack snacks. If your mate is a SUP newbie, you can use food and drink to calm nerves and mix things up a bit. If she likes wine, bring a little bottle and some cheese. If he likes ale, bring that and maybe some crisps.

Next, bring along some extra towels and a change of clothes. You don’t want a beautiful date night of SUP to end with shivering.

Next, think safety. Keep a flashlight in your bag and think about carrying a whistle or air horn just in case you end up needing some help in the dark.

Tip: make sure your cell is fully charged before you head out!

Have a plan. You don’t want to get lost on your ride to the water, or fumble around in the dark with unfamiliar equipment. Work out all the little details before your date to guarantee low stress and high fun.

Take pics! Get some selfies of the two of you together, plus a few good shots of your mate on the board solo. Next day, send a thank you text with your gorgeous new pics.

SUP Dates aren’t Only for Romance

If you need special time with a loved one, alone time to meditate, or just to get out and have have a good time, SUP is the perfect choice. If you or someone you know is working too many long hours under glaring lights and computer screens all day, SUP is a welcome relief.

Ideas for non-romantic SUP dates:

  • Family night
  • Mum and son
  • Dad and daughter
  • Team building
  • BFF’s
  • Soulo time (you deserve it!)

Now, for the best part — SUP is FUN for literally everyone, so you know SUP date night is going to be a winner.

Getting Started

If you or your date is new to SUP, you can learn more about our boards and order a complete beginner iROCKER package here. If you need input from us, we’re here to help.

Just know, we were beginners once, too. We’ve dedicated our entire lives to perfecting this sport, and want you and your mate to love it as much as we do. Please use the fields below to send us your stories (the good, bad and ugly) and share those date night pics.


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