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Choosing the Perfectly Sized SUP Paddle


Young man on iROCKER using long paddle

We are here to teach you the best trick when it comes to SUP. The right sized board and paddle can change your SUP experience.

If you ask around for advice you will hear a million different answers. There are a million ways to size up your SUP board. Most believe height is the key, others believe your paddle should be six inches longer than you.(FYI:Laird Hamilton is credited with this method)

There is more, others believe the secret is to place your paddle on the ground with the handle down, you should be eye-to-eye with the meeting point of the paddle’s blade and shaft!

Lastly (at least for now), some say a long paddle is required for a good workout, while a short paddle is required for a lazy float.

All of these options are completely acceptable, but we do things a little differently. At iROCKER we have our own way. This was invented after many years of experience. We wanted to guarantee an amazing SUP experience. This is why we have our own method for choosing your ideal paddle length.

We will reveal our secret, but not until the end of the article. In the meantime, read up on our favorite tips when it comes to choosing your SUP paddle. Try them all and pick your favorite!

Measure Twice, Adjust Once

To get started, you need to take a few simple measurements:

  • Height, you don’t even need a tape measure. Simply bend over, extend your arms out against the paddle tip-to-tip. This is your height, easy!
  • Add the thickness of your iROCKER to your height.

Next, think about your intention behind SUP-ping. Are you ready to race or looking to chill out. Do you want a challenge or to slowly paddle over the flats? Are you new to SUP-ping.

Some say, it doesn’t make a difference, they could be right. But, if we are being honest, the fact is the more you SUP the more opinionated you’ll be when it comes to the length of your paddle. (Trust me, everyone at iROCKER has a strong opinion!)

iROCKER Paddle Secret Revealed!

You totally deserve our secret now, mate. Are you ready to hear how to find the perfect paddle length? Here it is:

Try it till you like it.

Yeah, you heard us right– your perfect paddle length is something only you can determine. Whatever feels right to you is correct.

Now that you’ve adjusted your paddle to your height or preference, you’re ready for some trial and error. Every time you are out on the board adjust your paddle a little differently until you find what you like.

Try different environments, a flat lake or a rolling stream. Hit the surf at low tide or high tide. Bonus you’ll have fun no matter what, plus you’ll become a better SUP-per!

Do you have a strong opinion about your paddle length. We would love to hear about it. Send your pics and science.

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