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Why SUP Fishing is the Coolest Thing Ever

SUP Fishing | iROCKER Paddle Boards


If you like to fish, we have a sink, line, and hooker for you here. You can fish from your iROCKER stand up paddle board!

Seriously, a SUP board has perks a boat or kayak can’t offer you. One is its mobility in shallow water. Of course, if you decide you’d rather take a seat, your iROCKER converts to a kayak. Yes, that’s a serious double bonus.

All fishing experts can appreciate the quiet approach of the paddle board. You won’t scare your dinner away from your SUP. (So there’s a triple bonus!)

And then there’s the view. You can see all around your iROCKER stand up paddle board, and even directly under it. This gets you as close to the fish as possible without actually having to get in the water.

Gear Up

Don’t listen to the gear junkies in your area who are going to try to convince you to invest in a bunch of new accessories. Fishing on an iROCKER doesn’t require much.

You can have a successful day of fishing on your iROCKER with a good fishing rod and standard gear. If you want to make the trip easier or more successful, there are a few accessories we suggest.

You’ll might want an attachable rod holder. It would also be beneficial to carry your bait in something made for the job so you might also want a bait holder.

Our number one accessory suggestion is an attachable fishing rack. This will double as a rod and gear holder. Think smarter so you can fish smarter.


Do Your Homework

Now that you’re geared up and excited to fish, do your research. Find a local fishing expert and ask them for their tips, tricks, and fishing spots. You may be surprised at how much information you walk away with.

If you don’t have time to hunt down your local experts, broaden your search. Follow SUP fishermen online. They always have tips and tricks they love to share. This guy from SaltStrong had a genius idea to attach two rods to his cooler. He ended up with a rod holder, bait holder, and live well all in one.

saltstrong-man-creates-double-fishing-rod-holder-with-cooler-stand-up-paddle-paddle-board image of man who created double fishing rod holder with a cooler on his stand up paddle board


Share the Love

There is nothing better than a summer spent with family, friends, and a delicious meal. Spend a day out on the water together catching your meal for the night. Once you head back home have someone fry up the grill and get ready to feast. If you’ve run out of recipes and want to try something new, check out these recipes. Not only will you gain a delicious meal from SUP fishing but you’ll also have an unforgettable time with your iROCKER friends and family.

Do you fish from your iROCKER? Share your tips and tricks with us. We are also always on the hunt for new recipes. Use the fields below to send us your food pictures, recipes, and SUP secrets.

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