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SUP with Your Dog or ?

SUP with your pet | BLACKFIN Model XL

We talk about all things SUP pretty much all day here at iROCKER. Our second favorite topic is our dogs. Since discovering SUP with our dogs (and in one case, a bird), we tell everyone who will listen that they’ve got to try it!


When we talk about pet SUP, the obvious thing we think of is SUP-ing with our dogs. Put on a fun bandana and a good-quality doggie life vest, and you’re in for an amazing day of SUP.


Tip: If you don’t own a life jacket for your pet, you really need to get one. It only takes one unfortunate wake from a power boat or a jolt from water debris to toss your pup overboard. Do yourself a favor and check out this doggie life vest from Chewy. It’s colorful, easy to see even on gray days or after sunset and has a grab handle for managing any emergencies.


But get this: pet SUP isn’t just for dogs. Seriously! One of the guys here likes to SUP with his parrot on his shoulder (Yes, he carries a spare shirt in his pack!)


Gearing up for the Ride

When you choose to SUP with your dog or your bird or whatever pet you love, you’ll need to put some preparation into extra gear for your pal.  Be sure to pack extra snacks, some bottled water, safety gear and even a first aid kit in case of a cut.


You also might want extra water to rinse your pet off after the ride, especially if you venture into salt water. Some SUP spots don’t have a fresh water rinse, so this will come in handy.


If your dog (or bird) is new to the SUP thing, you may want to plan on spending more time than normal on his first time out.  You’re going to want extra time to show him how it’s done, and to give him time to gain his confidence.


To get started, give him a little demo. Show him how it’s done! Let him see watch you paddle out then come back to him. Smile and stay calm,  and talk sweet to him. Once he sees how much fun you’re having, he’ll be ready to join you.


Before you invite your pet to step onto your iROCKER, be sure he knows he needs to listen to your commands just like every other day. It’s really important that he will respond to sit, stay, come, no and good boy (or girl) if he gets tempted by a swimming fish.


Give him time to get the feel of your stand-up paddle board. Make sure he’s comfortable with his own balance. Most of all, make sure he has a great time and that you end on a happy note.


Hint: Give him a well-deserved treat!


Take Pics!

Baby pics are adorable but let’s be honest, there’s really nothing cuter than pet SUP pics! So please take a whole bunch selfie with your new favorite SUP pal. You know how much we love pet SUP pics so please share your pics with us.
Use the fields below to tell us about your stand-up paddle sesh with your pet and please share those selfies!


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