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Stand Up Paddle Q&A

Stand Up Paddle Q&A | iROCKER SUP


Stand up paddle boarders having fun on iROCKER boards

Trying something new…It’s intimidating. It always hard to speak up and ask question, to help us learn. Sometimes you don’t even need to be new to the sport, not knowing is tough and can feel like the end of the world.

Take a deep breathe and send your worries away. You aren’t alone. We’ve been there. Every SUP-per has been there. This is why we make it super easy to get to our handy live chat, it is front-and-center on our website. We know you have question (we all do), and we would love to answer them for you!

Following are some questions we are asked every day through our website. See? Told you, you aren’t alone.

What is the Best Board for a Newbie Like Me?

Glad you asked! Don’t automatically feel like you have to go with the same board the SUP junkie online or next door brags about all day. The truth is, the right board for a newbie is the board they choose to buy. Everyone has a different lifestyle and level of importance when it comes to price, color, or distributor.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. There are some key factors you have to inspect on any board, even if its brand new. As I’m sure you already know, our iROCKER design team is all about building boards with a sleek look and a stable ride. (If you didn’t know, now you do!)

If you are new to SUP we would love to give you a little guidance. You should know about the company you are buying from and we love to share our story. If you want to know more about the technology and heart that goes into every iROCKER board, Click here .

Simple answer: Buy the board. You won’t regret it.


Do I Really Need an Inflatable Board?

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you want to save time, money, and convenience?

If so, an inflatable iROCKER stand up paddle board is perfect for you.


What’s the Real Difference Between a Hand Pump and an Electric Pump?

About 10 minutes. We are all for working hard, so if you’re looking to build your biceps or save a little change,go with the ROCKER Dual-action Hand Pump.

However, if saving your time is more important than saving your money,we suggest an electric pump. It will save your arms for the water and your time for the board.

How Can I Choose the Right Board?

Simple: Flip a coin. Just kidding, people!

Never sacrifice safety or enjoyment for a few bucks. iRocker makes it possible to have it all. It may sound like we are bragging, and we kind of are. We have dedicated years to perfecting our boards. We are beyond proud of it!

We spent so much time researching and designing because we are SUPers ourselves. We didn’t want to create a board we weren’t willing to use. This is why we have built the very best inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market!

We give you choices, from affordable starter packages to full-on board-and-travel packages for the most die-hard SUP mate.


What is the One Thing I Really Need Besides My Board and Paddle?

A hat. I know this sounds silly but a hat is the best accessory for the sun or the rain. You definitely need an iROCKER hat. Here’s my  .

We know whatever iROCKER board you choose is going to be your favorite SUP board ever. So check out our killer inventory here. We would love to walk you through it, chat with us online today, we are ready and waiting to talk SUP with you.

If you are short on time, use the fields below to send us your question. We will get back to you as soon as we can!


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