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3 Ways to Treat Yourself Right after a Rockin’ SUP Workout

Girl celebrating on an iROCKER Stand Up Paddle Board

We’ve been talking upt beach body workouts to get ready for summer. How’s your progress?

Over at iROCKER, our entire team is working double-time on beach body prep. We’re eating right, sleeping right and doubling up on our daily SUP outings. We go out at sunrise, which is gorgeous, and again in the evening, just after work but before happy hour. (Priorities, right?)

Don’t get me wrong. All of this extra SUP time is definitely paying off. I’m already getting the results I want in my arms, shoulders, abs, and thighs. Plus, my suntan is a little ahead of schedule this season. (Yes, we are using reef-friendly sun protectant and clothes!)

However, I have to admit that I’m sore. I didn’t work out the way I should have this past winter and I’m paying the price. I can barely climb the steps to my office!

So I walked over to the massage studio next door to get some tips for soothing sore SUP muscles. The lead therapist gave me some great ideas and I thought I’d share them with you in case you’re feeling the way I’m feeling.

  1.  Add Oral Turmeric Curcumin to your daily supplements. You can get fresh turmeric at the market but you can also buy it in supplement form. This stuff works! A study of regular oral curcumin use following exercise encourages reduced muscle pain and improved performance. I’m trying it and it is definitely working.

First, you need to determine your dosage and the type of turmeric that works best for you. This chart can help you determine your dose:

Turmeric for Health Ideal Dose Chart Graphic

  1. Stretch after SUP. This was news to me: stretching after a workout is as important as stretching before a workout. Apparently, a post-SUP stretch helps pamper hard-working muscles. I like yoga stretches because they feel good and can be done right on the iROCKER. Here are two good ones you can try after your next SUP sesh.

Child’s Pose
Codyapp Yoga Poses to Ease Post Workout Muscle Soreness: Child’s Pose

For Child’s Pose, sit on your board with your knees slightly apart and under your body. Then, lean forward to place your forehead on the board and with your arms down by your sides. To push yourself a little, stretch your arms out in front of you. You’ll feel it in a good way.

Bonus: you can do these on your board. (Photo op!)

Downward Dog

Codyapp Yoga Poses to Ease Post Workout Muscle Soreness: Downward Dog Pose

Downward Dog is a little more work but worth the effort. Steady yourself on your board stand with feet together, bend over from your waist and place your palms on the board in front of you. Gently rock your body back and forth whilst shifting your weight from feet to hands and then back again. Repeat several times.

Best of all, you can do these on your board, which feels good and looks cool. (Photo op!)

  1. Get a Massage. You earned this! Besides, many studies absolutely prove that proper massage therapy is an ideal way to help sore muscles heal. Massage can reduce inflammation and speed up muscle repair. However, not all massages work the same way. There’s a difference in a post-exercise massage and a pre-exercise massage. This is why it’s important to find a licensed professional who knows the difference.

An after-SUP massage actually might hurt a little during the session, but you’ll feel great afterward. The way it works is the therapist will get the blood flowing back to your muscles in order to promote muscle repair and increased oxygen flow. If your muscles are sore, the pressure will hurt a little but it’s worth it!

Do you have your own ways to soothe post-SUP muscle aches? We’d love to know your secrets! Just use the form below to tell us your tips for feeling better after a-rockin’ SUP workout.


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