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SUP Summer Time Fun, Out in the Sun

iRocker Stand Up Paddle Board UK

The long winter wait is over and summer is finally here! Did you ever think the rain and cold were going to end? I’m pretty sure this was our longest winter ever. Stand up paddle boarders are dying to dive onto a SUP board again.

Less time on the water these past several months meant good habits slipping and more time with Netflix and chips. Though I enjoyed the time I had with my less active family members and friends, the water is calling my name.

So now that summer is bringing warmer weather and water, it’s time to gear up for some stress-free summer fun.

We talk a lot about budget-friendly ways to rock your iROCKER board and gear. After all, we’re SUP-ers, too, and understand the benefits of keeping our sport affordable. So here are some summertime tips for getting the most out of the iROCKER gear you already own, and some budget-friendly ideas for new summer purchases.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of what you already own. Do these two things and we guarantee a rockin’ summer full of SUP.

  1. The summer heat can be a blessing and curse for SUP-ers. If you’ve just been rinsing your board regularly, that’s good. But you might want to think about stepping up your post-SUP rinse with a more serious scrub. After every SUP session, give your board a good wash with fresh water and an environmentally friendly boat cleaner. Your board will thank you for it by giving you many seasons of SUP fun.
  2. Next, start the summer off right by giving your iROCKER a coat of a good quality UV protectant. Repeat this step in the winter and every six months. Remember, you should only do this twice per year. While UV protectant is great for standing up to summer sun, too much could harm to your board’s surface.

Go Shopping

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year for SUP and shopping! So while you’re getting your board ready, you might start to think about some new summertime gear. If you aren’t much of a shopper don’t worry, iROCKER has you covered with easy online ordering.

At minimum, you want to think about protecting your skin and eyes from the sun. Extra long days mean more time on the water and that can mean too much sun on your skin.

The solution? A new iROCKER hat (or two or three) should do the trick. Our hats are great-looking and the perfect solution to hot summer rays because they shield your eyes and protect your skin while looking fabulous.

Tip: Grab a few for you and your SUP buddies, because these hats make a rockin’ gift.

You’ll also need something to protect your shoulders. We all love rocking our new bikinis (or board shorts) on our SUP boards, but when the summer sun is at its hottest, its smart to cover up. Since you’re already picking up a few hats, you might as well get an iROCKER summer tee to match.

So now that your board and you are ready for summer heat, it’s time to reward your belly. SUP workouts work up a serious thirst! Stay hydrated with an iROCKER koozie. Grab a four-pack and treat your SUP crew to an ice cold drink after your day of paddling. They’ll love you for it.

Are you ready for summertime SUP? We’d love to hear about it! Just use the fields below to show us.

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