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No-stress SUP Thanks to iROCKER

iRocker Youth Paddle Board U.K.

My favorite thing to do in the world is to grab my iROCKER, hit the water, and escape from the stress of work life. There’s no texting, no chit chat, no nonsense. I give myself an hour of nature, my SUP board, and me.

I haven’t always felt this way about SUP. The first time I tried it, I spent half of the time face-planting into the water. Let’s face it, balancing on a board on moving water takes core strength and full-body coordination. I didn’t have either one of those back in those days. I couldn’t even balance all that well on solid ground.

Second, it was expensive. To this day, I still can’t believe I paid over $1,000 for my first board. I didn’t even use it more than a handful of times. And every time I got out on the water, I felt more stressed than I started.

Finally, that first board was bulky and hard to carry. The long paddle was almost as hard to carry around as the board. Trying to stuff that much in your car is definitely a pre-workout, and not a fun one. By the time I got to the water, I was in the mood for a nap, not a SUP sesh.

iROCKER changed all of this for me. The travel-friendly board took the  frustration out of SUP and gave me the opportunity to enjoy it.

Initially, I was chuffed with the deflatable design. I could actually pack my board in my passenger seat! This was huge.

But there’s more involved with SUP becoming my zen ritual instead of a stressor. iROCKER was made specifically for people like me. My workouts have to be fun. I’m constantly on the go and busy, so I require something that fits into my schedule and something I can enjoy.

The board Is inflatable and deflatable. This means I can deflate it when I’m on the go and inflate it when I have time. Bonus point when I’m storing it — it doesn’t take up an entire wall in my tiny studio apartment.

Next, it’s the perfect scale, at just the right length and super-stable width. Balance is key to SUP so this is extremely important. The  iROCKER design helps me balance, even when the water gets a little rough.

If this weren’t enough to win me over, IROCKER offers little extras that set it apart from other bulky boards.

For one, the non-slip surface safety feature is a great confidence-builder.

The paddle design is another big plus. It converts into a kayaking paddle. This allows me to try new things and mix up my exercise routine. The angled blade helps me cut through the water with ease whether I am SUPPING or kayaking. Lastly, it floats. Win!

The electric pump is the most convenient extra. It makes storing and using my SUP so much easier. This small but mighty piece of equipment deflates my IROCKER in under three minutes, and only takes around five to inflate. Seriously? (There’s also a hand pump if  you’re into extra bicep-building fun.)

All of this means I can slip a SUP escape into any free time I have. How corker is that?

Best of all, iROCKER is affordable and that’s just another reason IROCKER was able to turn my SUP experience into pure zen.

We want to hear all about the zen IROCKER gives you. Did you find SUP bliss with an iROCKER? We hope so! Please share your stories with us using the fields below.

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