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My iROCKER SUP, the Most Memorable Day EVER


I venture out on my iROCKER stand up paddle board practically every day. Even when the weather is bad, it won’t keep me away unless it’s ridiculously rough and cold.

I can’t think of an “obligation” that can keep me off the water, either. Not work, or a sniffle or a car problem. I know what’s important! (Only kind of kidding.)

But every now and then, the weather really is horrible. High winds, bad chop, icy rain.

Whenever it’s like this, which is not too often, I might actually take a day off for cleaning, running errands, or maybe even a Netflix binge.

Wednesday was close to being one of those days. My car had frost all over it. (Frost in March!) As far as the eye could see. there was nothing but thick, gray, fog, and all I wanted to do was pull the covers back over me and go back to sleep.

This was definitely not an ideal SUP day and besides, I was still in my pajamas.

Thanks to my amazing  board buddy, who showed up in the nick of time to pull me off of my couch, I quickly dressed and dragged myself to the water. (Also, the fact that I could inflate my iROCKER made it easy to get moving.)

Shockingly enough, Wednesday turned out to be the best SUP day ever!

The weather was bad to start but it definitely got better. Once I was all bundled up and out on the water, the rain had stopped, the fog rolled away and the sun came out. It was an obvious sign!

I looked out over the water and a calm came over me.  We were completely alone. Not another soul in sight.

Have you ever had the water to yourself, with only the fish, the birds and the dolphins to keep you company? Until Wednesday, I sure hadn’t. Not by a long shot.

The peace and serenity of being out there with only my best friend and me was unbelievable. There was no noise, smooth water, and only the sound of our paddles through the water. It was the most extraordinary experience I have ever had on my board.

I sensed she was feeling the same thing that I was because any other day, we don’t stop talking. Recipes, drama in the workplace, travel dreams, the latest healthy smoothie recipes, what we should wear to that concert, and so on.

But on Wednesday, not a word was uttered during an entire hour of perfectly peaceful and  soul-satisfying paddling.

Once the day ended, we just looked at each other and couldn’t stop laughing. How did that awful day turn out to be the best day ever?

Have you ever had a perfect, quiet paddle day like that? Please tell us about it using the comment fields below.

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